Quality Assurance

The focus of this QA System for every project is to create and achieve confidence for INTERRAND ENGINEERING LIMITED and her client towards our client’s specification and quality requirements.

QA systems are designed to meet requirements of Quality Assurance International standards and any additional requirements of contract at any agreed condition.

QA system covers all project activities affecting quality-civil, electrical and mechanical engineering procurement, inspection, testing site construction, installation, supplies and general maintenance.

All the programs covered by the AQ System of this company are designed out within a system where organization structures, functional responsibilities, interfaces reporting and communication lines are clearly defined and conscious of them. Such systems are channeled into the company’s working program.

Every personnel of the company are obliged and accountable to the work quality given to him or her. For every project, the manager is responsible for implementation of the contractual QA system procedures.

Company’s Quality Assurance personnel are to verify the implementation of any QA system and aces the adequacy to achieve the expected quality goals, especially where corrections on doubts of non-conformances arises. The scope of Quality Assurance activities for projects is mainly to:

  • Ensure that the work is accurately planned and organized.
  • Ensure that the procedures and instructions are issued for the performance of all required work.
  • Ensure by qualified inspection, that the work is carried out to required quality.
  • Demonstrated by documented records that the work has been carried out and inspected to the required quality.
  • The client’s representative have the right to verify all aspect of the QA System established for the project.

They shall have free access to documentation and facilities relevant to the contractual work with the assistance by QA organization.

The training needs and provisions for the training of all personnel performance quality affecting activities are identified by the Management and are part of the Quality Assurance Program.

In particular personnel performing special task (i.e pilling) shall be qualify on the basis of appropriate education and in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations.

Records of such qualifications shall be maintained by INTERRAND ENGINEERING LIMITED. Should a Joint-Venture or a consortium be established with other Companies, a Quality Assurance Program of the Joint Venture or a Consortium shall be established with other companies, a Quality Assurance Program of the Joint Venture shall be agreed with other parties, taking into account, the criteria of the INTERRAND ENGINEERING LIMITED manual requirements of the contract.

For this purpose, dedicated procedures and plans shall be developed by each party to cover the contractual scope of work.


The Quality Assurance documentation is structured as shown here below;



This is the divisional quality assurance manual which describes INTEERRAND ENGINEERING LIMITED quality policy, the quality assurance program, the head office and project organization, the quality assurance criteria applied to each phase of the work.


Scope of this plan is to identify all quality-related activities of the specific project. Such plan shall describe the project organization, the sequence of planned activities, the list of applicable procedures and instructions, and the records to be produced.

The project QA plan is to be prepared by the appointed project QA Manager and approved by the project manager before issuing the client’s approval.


These procedures and instructions cover both administrative and technical/operational activities. For each project, it is the project manager’s responsibility to decide whether to produce dedicated procedures or to utilize those already existing in INTERRAND ENGINEERING LIMITED organization.


The following definitions are provided to assure a uniform understanding of selected terms as they are used in the Quality Assurance Manual.


An act of endorsing or adding positive authorization.


An activity of determine through investigation, the adequacy of an adherence to established procedures, instruction codes and standards, or other applicable contractual requirements, and the effectiveness of implementation.


Comparison of two instruments, one of which has known standard of accuracy (or having relationship with a standard) with the purpose of knowing the accuracy of the other one.


In a function of the quality control system carried out as an internal audit in the Technical Department and in organizations involved in preparation of technical operation specification.

It consists of a check performed by specialist directly involved in the project different from the one, who execute the specification or calculation or design drawing.


Technical and management processes which commence with identification of design input and which lead to and include the issuance of design output documents.


Any written or pictorial information describing, defining, specifying, reporting or certifying activities, requirements, procedures or results.


Step of manufacturing sequence beyond which the work cannot proceed without preventive authorization of the person who established it.


Any level of unit assembly, including structure system, subsystem, subassembly, component, part of material.


A deficiency in characteristic, documentation or procedure which renders the quality of an item unacceptable to specification or indeterminate. Examples are : physical defects, test failure, incorrect or inadequate documentation or deviations from prescribed processing, inspection or test procedures.


A document which specifies or describes how an activity is to be performed, it may include; methods to be employed, equipment or materials to be used and sequence of operations.

Qualification (personnel)

Characteristic or skill obtained by training or experience measured against prescribed standards or examinations demonstrating the individuals’ capacity of carrying out specific tasks.


Demonstration of procedure ability in satisfying predetermined requirements.


All those planned or systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that an item or a facility will perform satisfactory in service and the actions are performed in compliance with specification.


Those actions which provide a means to control, measure the characteristic of an item, process of facility to establish requirements.


The process of restoring a non-conforming characteristic to condition such that the capacity of an item to function reliably and safely is unimpaired and conforms to the original requirement.


The process of restoring a non-conforming item is made to conform to a prior specified requirement by completion, remounting, reassembling or other means.


A written document describing the general requirements of materials inspection and or process including acceptance standards.


A document or physical specimen defining or giving examples of parameters, properties of a professional performance of work.


An individual or organization who furnishes items or services to a client on the basis of purchase order with documentation.


An activity performed on materials or items with the purpose of determining the capability of a material or item to resist determined stress.


The act reviewing, inspecting, test checking, auditing or otherwise determining and documenting whether items, processes services or documents conform to specified requirements.


The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the preparation, maintenance and updating of the QA Manual.

The Quality Assurance Manual is divided indifferent sections, each of them separately revisable.

The index of the sections with the latest revisions applied is contained in the QA Manual. Each section shall carry a front page listing of the followings:

  • Document number and Title
  • Section number
  • Revision index and description of revision made
  • Date of revision
  • Contents of the section
  • Number of pages
  • Quality Assurance Manager signature and name ( for preparation)
  • Head of Technological Innovation and Quality Assurance signature (for approval)
  • The original of the Quality Assurance annual is filed within the Quality Assurance department, together with all other relevant Quality Assurance documentation

Each copy of the Quality Assurance Manual is numbered and distributed as a controlled copy, assigned to individuals. A distribution register shall be kept updated by the Quality Assurance Manager sections for any reason shall be notified to the assignees of each controlled copy.

Obsolete sections shall be promptly removed and substituted with the updated ones.

Controlled copies of the Quality Assurance Manual are also distributed to client for information or review as applicable and kept updated for the duration of the project.